Commander, Council Spectre

Commander Shepard - Council Spectre. Some call me Bitchface - but my name is Jasper.
STATUS: On the Normandy. Minor respiratory problems.
[ Independent RP blog for Commander Jasper Shepard of the SSV Normandy SR2. Faceclaim is Gaspard Ulliel ]

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Giving a weak smile to the Commander, he joined him in leaning on the railing. “Well, I couldn’t let something bad happen to Shepards ass.” Sighing, he shook his head. “You scared me on that mission, Shepard. I thought we were going to lose you.”

"I thought I vas goink to lose myself! Eet vas like my entire digestive system was tryink to exit through my mouth! …Zat vas gross, I apologize." Jasper laughs, ruffling up his own short hair. Despite his condition, he seems to be in a good mood.

"…Though, I have a feelink zat zis is your favorite spot on ze Citadel, Steve."

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I love this view.”


"Oui, zis was always somezink calming for me." Shepard’s soft voice came over the chatter and the idle thrum of ships passing by. He quietly coughed, probably still recovering from the Desponia mission.

"…Great piloting out zere by ze way, Steve. You really saved our asses." Jasper mustered up a smile, leaning most of his weight on the railing. "My ass, even. All the time. You are like, ze professional saver of Shepard’s ass."

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But I caused so much trouble for you! Conrad paused, his smile faltering as he looked down at his feet. He took a sharp intake of breath and looked back up to his hero, looking him in the eye. He didn’t catch Jasper’s hand movement, too caught up in the face he had been idolizing for a few years now.

'Better fitting?' His cheeks pinkened a bit at the mention of that oversight and nodded. To be honest Commanders, I probably would have if I had truly thought on it more, and if my budget had allowed it. Catching the nod, Conrad tilted his head slightly, not sure what Jasper had been nodding to, though he didn’t get much time to think on it when the memory of the gun in his face had him blushing brighter from embarrassment of his previous actions. I learned the lesson you had taught me well, but it wasn’t right away. Is there a way I can make this all up to you Commander? You just have to ask, and I’ll do it!

"Make eet up to me-?" Jas shook his head, wandering over to a bench. He sat with a quiet grunt, dragging the heels of his shoes along the ground as he let his legs relax. His hand went up his jacket to fix something under his t-shirt. "You don’t ‘ave to make nothink up to me, Conrad." He dropped his hand from his jacket, pushing himself up to sit straight. "Teaching lessons ees vhat I’m supposed to do."

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Conrad’s smile grew as his translator did it’s job relaying what the Commander’s words. “That’s right, Commander! It’s me! Oh it’s so great seeing you again! By the way, I’m sorry for how I acted last time we saw each other…”

"…With you impersonating me? Eet vas nothing." Jas took his hand out of his pocket to press into the stitch in his side. He wasn’t really cleared for walking around that day but he’ll be damned if he didn’t get solid, Presidium food ASAP.


"Though, if you got better fittink armor, you would’ve been more convincing." And look better, a little voice nagged in the back of his mind. He shooed it away with a visible nod of his head. “Still, I didn’t vant to point zat gun at you but… teach you a lesson, oui?” He sounded pretty winded by now.

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Commander Shepard!


"Christ-." Shep stopped in his tracks and wheeled around on his heels, balanced that way. One of his hands was tucked into his kangaroo pouch. He leaned forwards and tilted his head.

"Mon dieu que c’est un visage familier. Verner?”

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I do hope you actually get that looked at instead of putting it off.” Miranda chastises gently, though she means well. “I wouldn’t want to see my hard work go to waste, Shepard. And that it is, truly. Ask me two years ago where I thought I would be and it would certainly not be here.”

"Doc said it would clear up in a vile, trust me on zis!" Jasper retorted, pointing a finger at her. He then let out another cough and settled back down, crossing his arms. "Vell, I zought of ze possibility zat we would be here someday, but instead of being all sad about my vounds, we would be recounting wonderful stories like good friends." Playfully, he winked, one of his dimples showing in a grin.

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<MSG> food?


crew deck!!!
i made sweets too!

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cool it comes with a free refill 

How would girls feel if it said “Female Tears” ??

Oh lord.












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Pose troubling philosophy dilemmas in my askbox and my character will give you their take on it.

Or, if they aren’t sure, they’ll give a monologue as they think it through.

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[there are at least six more asks about “______ brand biotic amps”

I’m not sure if I know some of the brands :< ]

[ I sent you like, four. ]



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[there are at least six more asks about “______ brand biotic amps”

I’m not sure if I know some of the brands :< ]

[ I sent you like, four. ]

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username: 8975J
password: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Good morn-…..

I wonder vho did not wake me up…

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friendly reminders

  • if we have small banter threads and you don’t want to RP it anymore its okay to drop it! They’re cute little ways to get our characters talking, its not a big deal if you have nothing to write for it.
  • if our characters haven’t interacted and you want to, feel free to dive into my random banter posts or picture posts. If not, that’s okay too!
  • I’m really shy uvu I don’t bite or won’t get mad if you have any questions that need asking
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"I 'eard a buncha corny jokes. Vat else is in zat book?" Jasper doesn't hesitate to point at the book before tucking his hand back in his hoodie pocket. His other hand only comes out to push up his glasses.



"Oh this? It was a gift because my friends knew I liked puns a lot." She holds up her book to him. "Would you like to read it?"

Branka wiggled around in her seat, getting comfortable again while trying to get rid of the nervous feeling that over came her. Should she read her jokes with more enthusiasm, or maybe add some voices?

She thumbed through the pages and stopped at a random list of jokes. Branka decided to read as she had done earlier.

"I don’t think I need a spine. It’s holding me back."

Branka snorted and continued down the list.

"Sleeping comes so naturally to me, I could do it with my eyes closed."

She had to pause to chuckle but then quickly moved on and read.

"The best way to communicate with a fish is to drop them a line. HAH!" Branka set her book down and laughed to herself. "Ahhhh I get it!"

Shepard wheezed at the last one and put his head down, shaking with raucous laughter. “Ooohh mon dieu zat’s great.” He lifted his head back up and rubbed his eye as if he was wiping a tear from it. “It’s holding me back.. wow…”

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commander shepard do u have the booty


Chiennes anonymes stupides interrompre ma douche

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